You are invited to make a difference

through the esiDulini Community Trust

The esiDulini Community Trust is a non-profit organisation reaching out to the communities surrounding the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Dulini Private Game Reserve, is located in a world-renowned wildlife destination. The luxurious lodges and rich game experience offered to guests from around the Globe, are primarily staffed and serviced by people who reside in the neighbouring communities. Demographically, these communities rank among the most impoverished in the country. We believe we have a responsibility to extend our hand to our neighbours who live rural lifestyles far from the reach of government spending and service provision. We aim to make a meaningful difference, through educational outreach that realises individual potential and community growth.

Ongoing & Future Projects

Project Dignity

Project dignityIt is devastating to think that up to 60% of rural African girls drop out of school because of menstruation and a lack of access to basic sanitary wear, leaving them socially, economically and politically marginalised.

Project Dignity is designed to empower pubescent school girls from impoverished, rural backgrounds, to complete their education by equipping them with basic sanitary wear. Statistics show that there are over 4000 female learners of pubescent age in the schools of the 11 villages surrounding the Game Reserve. It is our aim to deliver dignity to every pubescent girl in our area by providing ongoing access to the packs of washable sanitary towels.

For a mere ZAR230, just under $15, you can give a girl the dignity to stay in school when puberty sets in.

The Justicia Digital Learning Centre

The Justicia digital learning centreThe esiDulini Community Trust supports the Justicia Digital Learning Campus in partnership with the Good Work Foundation. The campus currently services approximately 400 school-aged learners per week and is the foremost adult skills-training centre in the local rural area. We are extremely proud of the establishment of this digital learning model which offers access to world-class education for local, rural students and scholars. It is the generosity of our guests that enables us to continue our support of the campus and fuels our dream of developing this model in all the rural communities surrounding the Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Business Booster Fund

Business booster fundThis Project is aimed at building business capacity in local community enterprises and helps them to address challenges faced in producing goods and services in a sustainable way.

In a two-year period the project has trained 131 trainees from 71 community businesses. Over the course of the project the participating businesses receive small business management training, technical skills development, marketing support and mentorship.

As they develop and grow, these businesses create income and employment and enable local community members to benefit from the region’s conservation activities and the associated hospitality industry.


Dulini speaks of a deeply personal wildlife adventure: the quintessential safari experience for the sophisticated traveller.